A Black woman wearing a white beanine cap to cover her eyes naps on a train with blue cushioned chairs.

Train Snoozes

Red eye train from Paris to Marseille. December 2018.

A shadowed silhoutette of a person sitting in a park illuminated by candles in front of them and a street illuminated by car headlights behind them.

Park Nights & Candles

Washington, DC

A Transgender rights protest outside of the White House with pink, blue and white Trans Pride flags swinging in the sky and a protest sign that reads: Protect Trans Kids.

Transgender Rights Protest

The White House during the Trump years. Washington, DC.

A Black woman in a long coat, hoop earrings and sunglasses with a film camera on her person sits on a railing ledge over steps in Marseille, France.

Sitting by the Steps

Marseille, France. December 2018.

A statue of the University of Maryland mascot, a tortoise named Testudo, sits on his perch watching the sunset on the campus mall.

Testudo Watches the Sunset

University of Maryland, College Park.

A black and white photo of a watch tower with the sky as its backdrop in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Watch Tower

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Views from the church at one of the highest points in Marseille, France.

Church Top Views

Marseille, France. December 2018.

Cross–hatched rusted metal from a vintage metal glider bench.

Lit Rust

Washington, DC.

Autumn trees with yellow leaves and the silhouette of a person walking by on the mall at the University of Maryland.

The Mall

University of Maryland, College Park.

The peak of a church against a cotton candy sky in Provence, France.

Church Tops

Provence, France. April 2019.

Two people on a cruise ship take photos on their phones of the sunrise sky.

Cruise Clouds

Somewhere on the Ocean with Royal Caribbean.

A close up of bright green, fresh kale, celery and turkey meatballs in a soup broth pot.

Turkey Ball Soup

Washington, DC.